NOVA Honors Welcome Back Event

All NOVA honors students were invited to attend the NOVA Honors Welcome Back information session. Students and faculty gathered on the Annandale Campus to hear Kevin Simons, an Annandale Campus’ librarian, discuss how to effectively and quickly search for information online. Drs. Kristen Simmons and Paul Fitzgerald showed students how to manage their time properly via the Trello application. Dr. Nicewinter and Dr. Chabot’s talked about how to give an effective presentation, and Dr. Naquin and Dr. Wells spoke about how to write college transfer essays.

Tassos McCarthy thought the event “was a great opportunity to rekindle relationships with old friends and make new ones. The workshop portion was interesting and provided interesting information. I particularly enjoyed Dr. Naquin’s tips on college admissions essays, and Dr. Fitzgerald and Dr. Simmon’s techniques for time management.”

Mia Griffin enjoyed the opportunity to “hang out with all of my fellow honors students and get excited for all of the cool events the program has in store for us.”

Justin Vinh viewed the workshops as “very educational,” and enjoyed meeting honors students from other campuses.

The Honors Welcome Back event provided educational workshops for students and faculty, and an opportunity for old members to catch up and new ones to be informed of future events.

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