NOVA’s Ensemble Annandale Performs at the State Department

Ensemble Annandale, music students of Dr. Sonya Suhnhee Kim, who performed a concert at noon in the Dean Acheson Auditorium of the main State Department building in Washington, D.C., as part of the State of the Arts Cultural Series.

Dr. Kim’s Applied Piano and Chamber Ensemble students, Thomas Keithly, Lee Roussel, Yichen Liu, Ben Furukawa and Emily Johnson (alumni) presented a piano solo, piano duet, and ensemble program. The program included works by W. A. Mozart, Franz Schubert, Frederick Chopin, and Gabriel Faure.

The State Department employees and visitors were very enthusiastic about the students’ performances and were a wonderful cultural break from their busy office work. It was also a splendid opportunity for music students to perform in front of an appreciative audience after a long semester of honing their skills.

“It was nice to hear a varied program and the students played really well,” said an enthusiastic audience member.

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