You Oughta NOVA Podcast Debuts

You Oughta NOVA, a new podcast, debuts this month. Known and searchable also as #YoNOVA wherever you get your podcasts, it’s produced by and for the NOVA community and covers happenings at, by, and relevant to NOVA. With six campuses and a vast online community that spans a service area of nearly 5 million residents, what happens at NOVA is a big deal – and you oughta know it. Bi-weekly episodes are planned, with some wiggle room for holidays or special events. Hosts Mike McMillon and Tatyana Schum, from Student Life and Community Relations, feature a wide range of subjects and relevant guests in-studio and sometimes out “in the field.”

Studio production features NOVA’s state-of-the-art sound studio and NOVA’s Music Recording Technology (MRT) Program, both at the Loudoun Campus in Sterling, Va. Program students, along with program head Sanjay Mishra, provide the essential production pieces — recording and editing with audio acumen. Aside from the MRT program head, Mishra is a professional guitarist of international renown who shares a kinship, and often a stage or studio, playing alongside other esteemed artists. Mishra composed the podcast’s theme music. #YoNOVA is grateful to Sanjay Mishra and the MRT program students for their many hours of patient production, guidance, and shared laughs. For anyone interested in learning more about NOVA’s Recording Technology program or to book a studio tour, please email Sanjay Mishra or visit NOVA’s Music Recording Technology page.

Two episodes have already been released. In the first episode, hosts Mike McMillon and Tatyana Schum are in the studio to answer the question “What is NOVA?”; welcome guest Zohra Naqibullah, a student pursuing studies in the Dental Hygiene program at the Medical Education Campus; and share hopes and dreams about what You Oughta NOVA (#YoNOVA) will be. The second episode welcomes guest Jack Zegeer, Financial Aid Manager of NOVA’s Loudoun Campus, and highlights how NOVA can help students with obstacles that might otherwise derail their paths to success. Topics include Emergency Grants, Campus Food Pantries, NOVA’s Financial Stability Program, and the Single Stop program. Zegeer stresses the importance of community resources and encourages students, in particular, to not be fearful to ask for help.

You oughta give #YoNOVA a listen, subscribe, and share with friends and family. To listen to the podcast, visit

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