NOVA Honors Fall 2019 Symposium

Students from all walks of NOVA life gathered at the Annandale Campus to present on a topic of their choice, whether it be the voting system or drinking coffee. They were assembled for the NOVA Honors Fall 2019 Symposium, where Honors program students, students in one or more honors classes and Phi Theta Kappa students were all welcome to participate. This semester the Symposium hosted a diverse group of students from all five campuses who presented on topics ranging from biology to sociology. These students spent ample time and effort researching their topic, putting together the accompanying slide show, and practicing their presentation skills.

Evaluated on criteria such as presentation style and content, the winners from each subject category received a $100 prize. Congratulations to Deena Daneshvaziri, Joseph Larson, Maria Copeland, Mia Griffin, Rachel Ross, Tanner Biehn, and Tassos McCarthy, all of whom presented a prize-winning speech.

In summing up this experience, Joseph Larson said, “It was exciting to give a presentation in front of esteemed honors students.”

“This activity boosted my confidence and prepared me for other [public speaking] events,” Rachel Ross added. Whether they won or not, each student left with more public speaking experience, information on a range of topics, and a positive outlook on the upcoming Honors Spring Symposium.

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