Film Festival Winners Announced

The winner of the 2019 NOVA Student Film Festival International Dean’s Award for Cinematic Distinction is Sandra Camargo, who directed “Mi Tierra,” a film that was part of the “Films Without Walls” series on last year’s theme, “Immigration & Refugees.”

The winner of our new award, The Joe Windham Award for Cinematic Activism, goes to Maliheh Gholamzadeh, a film student from Iran, for her film “Tangle.” It was also screened in the “Films Without Walls” series on “Immigration & Refugees” at last year’s festival.

Board members of the Alexandria Film Festival (AFF), a well-established film festival in the City of Alexandria, attended the 2019 NSFF International in April 2019, held for the first time in the Schlesinger Concert Hall, attended by close to 500 people. Afterward, they requested a meeting to discuss partnership possibilities. A few meetings and a few agreement drafts later, it is official. AFF will showcase all NOVA student films that were selected and screened at the NOVA Student Film Festival International, the same year, in its festival. The Alexandria Film Festival will run from November 7 – 10.

This year’s theme for the “Films Without Walls” international series is “Women in Society.” The theme is intentionally made general in order to give students from around the world the opportunity to chose issues women face in their respective societies, from various cultural, geographic, economic and/or social lenses.

If you missed last year’s festival, you can watch it here.

For information on the NSFF International, please contact festival Founder & Director Lucy Gebre-Egziabher, professor of cinema at NOVA, at or (703) 845-6297.

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