Tech Pathways Initiative Launches for Northern Virginia Students

NOVA is proud to announce the launching of a one-of-a-kind campaign to increase awareness around technology careers among K-12 students and their families.
The campaign, called the Tech Pathways initiative, is the result of a multi-year, regional effort “designed to enlighten students about the forecasted explosion of tech-based jobs and how it will enable them to creatively solve tomorrow’s complex challenges.”

The initiative has already garnered tremendous interest. All nine northern Virginia school districts, jurisdictions, and GO Virginia united to ensure the success of Tech Pathways for more than 203,000 middle and high school students, and prepare them for future jobs.

The joint venture serves to prepare young minds for the projected 112,000 vacant technology jobs in the area that need to be filled over the next decade. Northern Virginia boasts one of the fastest-growing technology hubs nationally.

The campaign was announced in partnership with Governor Ralph Northam, officials, business leaders, and community members this month. Educators and administrators will help lead the charge in all 140 middle and high schools in the nine participating school districts.

Three specific technology sectors that Tech Pathways will engage students in are data, cybersecurity, and programming. Copies of the materials sent to regional middle and high schools can be downloaded here.

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