NOVA Conducts Cooking Class for International Students

NOVA Chef Mike Herbert and Dr. Cecily Anthony conducted a culinary training class for a group of 30 international students. The students hail from various parts of China and are enrolled as graduate students in the John Hopkins Carey School of Business. They arrived eager and ready! Chef Mike prepared a full and fun day of culinary instruction.

The students learned basic sanitation principles and how to keep them and others safe from food-borne illness. Chef Mike also demonstrated knife skills and safety. He stressed that he wanted everyone to leave with the same number of fingers they had when they arrived. “Anything beyond that is a bonus,” he added.

First, the students prepared chocolate mousse, since that takes a while to set. Next, they prepared roasted red potatoes, tomatoes with fresh herbs and a vinaigrette, sautéed zucchini and yellow squash, and braised chicken thighs. The groups prepared their meals, and then everyone was able to sit down and eat. It was interesting to hear stories about their families and friends and life in China and what they’ve experienced in the United States.

After lunch, everyone helped clean up and put away items, then Chef Mike showed them his herb garden. He showed them the various fresh herbs, how to use them, and passed some around for the students to taste. The students enjoyed their experience and brought back good memories and great cooking tips.

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