Francophone Culture Club Visits Montreal

The Francophone Culture Club held its annual Experiential Learning Trip to Montreal. This year, the executive board planned a five-day excursion consisting of tasting local foods, visiting local attractions, and interacting with local people to appreciate and learn about the area. Montreal is the fourth-largest French-speaking city in the world. It has become a keystone destination for the club to experience the francophone culture.

The trip began with a food tour of the city’s Mile End region, which exposed the group to Montreal’s vibrant food scene, as well as the neighborhood’s culture and history. Mile End was a point of arrival for several generations of immigrants in the early 1900s. Its history is evident through the area’s food, architecture, and people. The students were eager to learn that many locals spoke their native languages. Montreal is home to over 80 languages, including French, English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German, and Vietnamese. “My experience in Montreal was fascinating. It was memorable to see the history and diversity come together. I enjoyed it a lot and will go back there very soon,” said Mariam Benzineb, former club secretary .

Students visited some of the city’s most iconic areas including Old Montreal, Little Italy and the Jean Talon Market, China Town, and the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. They were also able to tour McGill University, which sparked interest in the school being a future transfer option.

Former club president Lev Zinchenko enjoyed his experience. “It was amazing to organize a cultural trip to experience new tradition, language, and food. Yeah, especially food, haha. As for my experience, I didn’t expect Montreal to be such a busy yet a calm city. There’s no other city like that. Another thing that hits you when you get there is that people speak French! If you learned the Metropolitan version you would need some time to adapt to it. It is still French that is highly demanded from anyone who visits the city in the region of Quebec. This trip meant a lot to me because the whole club of enthusiastic people raised money for it and donated a lot of their own time to make it a dream come true.”

For more information on the trip or to get involved with the club, contact club advisors Charlotte Lombardo, coordinator of NOVA online student life, or Rommel Aguilar, retention advisor for Pathway at the Annandale Campus.

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