Dr. Julie Leidig Named Aspen Presidential Fellow

The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program chose Loudoun Campus Provost Dr. Julie Leidig to be a member of its 2019-2020 Presidential Fellowship for Community College Excellence Program. This year’s Aspen Presidential Fellows were selected through a rigorous process that considered their abilities to take strategic risks, lead strong teams and cultivate partnerships, and focus on results-oriented improvements for greater student success and access. The 2019-2020 Fellowship cohort comprises 40 exceptional leaders from across the country.

Fellows are nominated to the program most often by their institution’s president, and leaders both within our outside of higher-ed who are familiar with the Fellow. Institutional support is integral to the program since the year-long Fellowship includes three multi-day residential seminars in Stanford, Calif., Aspen, Col., and Northern Virginia, and significant time working with other fellows and on capstone projects.

Enthusiastic for the program this summer, Dr. Leidig shares her excitement for “an intensive course in proven practices for moving the needle for student success — gathered from all sources and initiatives across the country.” Of the Fellowship, she adds, “What’s also really attractive to me is the opportunity to build and maintain relationships of energized leaders who help brainstorm and support each other beyond the program.”

The Aspen Presidential Fellowship is preparing the next generation of community college presidents to lead institutions that achieve exceptional outcomes for students in learning, completion, post-transfer success and the labor market—and equity in those outcomes for students historically underserved in higher education. Over the course of a ten-month program including residential seminars, structured mentoring, and development of an analytic portfolio, fellows are given the opportunity to learn from and alongside each other about strategies for achieving exceptional student outcomes. The Fellowship was designed and is delivered in collaboration with the Stanford Educational Leadership Initiative.

Together with partners and supporters, the larger Aspen Institute College Excellence Program focuses on building capacity for transformational change at the institutional level through leadership development and practice reform, and across the field through practice-focused research, convening, and knowledge dissemination.

For more information on The Aspect Presidential Fellowship and the Institute’s College Excellence Program, visit https://highered.aspeninstitute.org.

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