NOVA Hospitality Students Visit Cheesetique in Alexandria

A group of NOVA Hospitality Students from the Annandale Campus recently visited Cheesetique, a specialty cheese shop and restaurant in Alexandria. Accompanied by Chef Mike Herbert, the students were greeted by manager Juju Kim and Hannah Risjord. Kim set up a table for the students, while Risjord brought out a variety of cheeses and accompaniments. Hannah explained the origin of the cheeses, including geographic location, whether the cheese is made from cows, sheep, or goats milk, and level of firmness.

The students learned about washed vs. unwashed rind cheeses, as well as how aging, pasteurization, cultures, and the animal’s diet affects the characteristics of cheese. Our students first sampled the Sofia, a creamy soft goat cheese from Indiana. They then tried Black Pepper D’Affinois, a soft mild pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from France. Afterwards, they tasted the semi-firm Dante, a Wisconsin pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese. This cultured cheese is reminiscent of Spanish Manchego.

To round out the sampling, the students tasted the Harbison from Jasper Hill Cellars in Greensboro, Vermont. The students enjoyed their time learning about cheeses with the good company at Cheesetique.

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