Science Seminar Series Holds Darwin Day Celebration

The Mathematics, Sciences, Technologies, and Business divisions’ Science Seminar Series at NOVA’s Annandale Campus held their annual Darwin Day celebration.

In honor of the Periodic Table of Element’s 150th birthday, each presentation discussed different aspects of elements. The Annandale Campus’s Chemistry faculty entertained over 100 students and faculty with various vignettes. Dr. Mihaela Chamberlin discussed aspects of the Big Bang Theory and how elements were made. Drs. Piraba Swaminathan and Ritu Kansal gave interesting presentations about lead. Dr. Beth Schomber demonstrated a bit of Valentine’s Day humor and chose to focus on elements that are deadly, discussing famous tales of espionage, life in the lab, and what may be lurking in your basement. Students also learned about polonium, mercury, and radon.

The talks concluded with Dr. Katie Geiser-Bush describing how new elements have been made beyond those that have been found naturally.

The Science Seminar Series will continue during the current Spring semester. Please visit for more information.

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