NOVA Professor Serenade at the White House

NOVA professor Dr. Grace Hwang and the Taiwanese Chamber Orchestra-DC (TCOD), a chamber orchestra group she belongs to, performed at the White House.

They were invited to play as part of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

“It was an honor and a wonderful experience performing in the stunning Indian Treaty Room at the White House and sharing the beauty of Taiwanese music with White House officials and Asian-American leaders,” said Hwang. “It was a very successful performance. The audience was screaming ‘encore!’ and ‘bravo!’ as we played the final note!”

Hwang, who plays the Guzheng (Chinese zither), teaches English as a Second Language at NOVA.

She is a Taiwanese native and a dedicated performer of the Guzheng, having studied with world-renown Chinese Zither instrumentalists like Yunghsu Hsu.

“The piece we perform is a famous Dizi (Chinese flute) concerto composed by renowned Taiwanese composer Dong Rong-Sen in 1960,” said Hwang.

“It describes the lovely time of early spring at Yangming Mountain (a national park near Taipei) where people come out to enjoy the awesome weather, flower blossoms and beautiful scenery. The whole piece is vivid and fast, but the middle part is melodically lyrical. The dynamic picks up in the third part for a climactic ending.”

TCOD was founded in 2017 by a group of talented musicians trained in Taiwan. Since its establishment, TCOD has taught Chinese traditional instruments and music at high schools and colleges and they have been invited to perform several concerts.

Find out more about TCOD by visiting their Facebook page.


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