Criminal Justice Students Visit Summit Point

Dr. Victoria Hill-Megginson, Administration of Justice Associate Professor at NOVA’s Manassas Campus recently organized an expedition to Summit Point Training Facility. About 40 criminal justice students attended the field trip from the Manassas and Woodbridge Campuses. Attendees included three criminal justice professors Victoria Hill-Megginson, Lisa Baker, and Kim Crawford, and NOVA’s Social Media Specialist Alisa Berry.

The purpose of the trip was to expose NOVA’s criminal justice students to the extensive training programs and skills needed for the wide range of disciplines in the criminal justice arena, such as diplomats, special agents, and/or public safety professionals deployed abroad. Under the guidance of instructors from the Department of State Diplomatic Services, students received about six hours of practical exercises that concentrated on defensive tactics, simulated mock embassy attacks with explosions, escaping a building on fire through the use of a smoke house simulator, performing emergency medical treatment, room clearing with gunfire (training munitions) and retrieval of a hostage (played by Professor Hill-Megginson), serving warrants, simulated roll-over crash cars, law enforcement weapons familiarization, and surveillance detection through drones/key personnel.

Students had a wonderful time engaging in hands-on activities and advocated for more criminal justice field trips to Summit Point Training Facility. The Administration of Justice staff and students are thankful to Lee, who did an amazing job putting the fun program together.

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