NOVA Professor to be Awarded Honorary Professorship in China

Prof. Lucy Gebre-Egziabher (know as Prof. Lucy G/E) has been invited by China’s Xingtai Polytechnic College (XPC) to deliver a film-making workshop in November. XPC took part in last year’s Climate Change-themed NOVA Student Film Festival, a student film festival founded and run by Prof. Lucy G/E.

XPC will host a screening of films from the 2018 NOVA Student Film Festival. Prof. Lucy G/E was also asked to give a lecture on the history of the festival and how it’s run.

XPC will be presenting Prof. Lucy G/E with an honorary Professorship award during her stay. XPC will be taking part in this year’s Immigration & Refugees-themed NOVA Student Film Festival.

NOVA Alexandria cinema students will partner with film students in Oaxaca, Mexico, this year to create a film whose story begins in Virginia and ends in Oaxaca.

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