NOVA Holds First National Writing Day Event

NOVA recently launched it’s first-ever National Writing Day at the Annandale Campus. The inaugural event emphasized the importance of writing, education and communication.

“We want to instill in our students the absolute necessity of developing good communications and writing skills,” says Dr. Rima Gulshan, Professor of English and Chair of the National Writing Day Committee at NOVA’s Annandale Campus. “We all spend a lot of our day writing. We send dozens of text messages. We write and answer emails. We write grocery lists and comments on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. We are all writers in our everyday life, even in our digital-centric culture. Being able to communicate is central to our human experience.”

Dr. Pamela Tipton Hilbert, of NOVA’s Annandale Campus, delivered the Provost address for National Writing Day.

Dr. David J. Skorton, the 13th secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, was the keynote speaker. He was joined by a panel of distinguished communicators:

  • Dr. Steven Stockum, Economist for leading economic competition policy advisor, Washington, DC
  • Patricia Guadalupe – Bilingual multimedia journalist, Washington, DC
  • Dr. Daniel Sheehy, Director and Curator Emeritus, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
  • Autria Godfrey, Emmy-winning news anchor, WJLA Channel 7

The event included an interactive session where students, faculty and staff asked the speakers and panelists questions. There were also fun giveaways for students.

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