College Visits: A Pathway to Transfer

NOVA’s Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program hosted a college visit to two universities – Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and University of Mary Washington University (UMW). Thirty Pathway students from five NOVA campuses and two Pathway Retention Advisors participated in the campus tours and admission information sessions, which included free lunch vouchers for students at VCU.

Students were able to experience an urban university environment within the city of Richmond, which offers numerous internship opportunities, service learning, housing and research opportunities. Subsequently, comparing VCU to UMW, a suburban university environment with small classrooms, serene campus grounds, strong emphasis on community service, and located within walking distance to the historic town of Fredericksburg.

College visits serve an important role for students in making decisions on which college or university environment is the best fit for them. These visits help narrow down their choices and serve as motivation for new students to pursue and complete their degree at NOVA in order to ensure guaranteed admission to the four-year university of their choice. Overwhelmingly, the students indicated that the college tours were beneficial.

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