Going Deep to Learn About Climate Change

NOVA’s Science Seminar Series invited Dr. Brian Romans to discuss the potential relationships between marine sediment deposition, deep ocean circulation, and Cenozoic climate transitions.

Dr. Romans is an associate professor in the Department of Geosciences at Virginia Tech. He was invited as part of the Ocean Discovery Lecture series sponsored by the US Science Support Program. Through dazzling photographs and data, Dr. Romans discussed his team’s research focusing on sediments from the Newfoundland Drifts in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet in the Ross Sea.

His team’s findings on the concentrations and size of sediment deposited in these areas are being used to calculate how fast deep ocean currents flowed in the past and in turn provide insights into past climatic conditions. The MTSB Science Seminar Series will hold talks throughout the year.

NOVA’s Science Seminar Series is hosted by the Annandale Campus’s Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Business Division.

The next seminar will be on December 7. For more information, please click here.

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