Ellen and Jim Dyke Establish Star Thrower Scholarship at NOVA

NOVA and the NOVA Foundation appreciate Ellen and Jim Dyke, who generously established a new scholarship for NOVA Adult Learners this Fall. The Ellen and Jim Dyke Star Thrower Scholarship is a $25,000 endowed scholarship that will award two students this year and one student up to $1,000 each year after that.

The scholarship takes its name from the Star Thrower Story by Loren Eislely, which the Dykes present with a NOVA twist. The story tells the tale of a small coastal town that woke up one morning after a storm to find thousands of starfish washed ashore. The town leaders noticed a NOVA student walking along the shore, picking up a starfish and throwing it back into the ocean. When asked by the leaders why the student was bothering with such a futile task, the student replied that while they can’t save all the starfish, with each starfish they throw back they will have made a difference.

The scholarship will help adult, degree or certificate-seeking students age 21 and older to receive the credentials needed to advance their careers. Recipients can use the funds for tuition, fees, books or supplies at NOVA.

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