Brazil’s CAPES Sends Group to NOVA

NOVA’s Office of International Education and Sponsored Programs and NOVA’s Educational Foundation hosted a dinner for another group of Brazilian educators concluding a program of intensive English language training and technical wiring courses at NOVA’s Alexandria Campus. The first group concluded their program at NOVA in February.

The group of 31 administrators from Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES), a Brazilian federal agency under the Ministry of Education, is responsible for quality assurance in postgraduate courses in Brazil and works to build the quality of higher education faculty through professional development and language acquisition. The agency is equivalent to the National Science Foundation in the United States.

The program is the result of a long-standing relationship between NOVA and CAPES over the last four years. NOVA has hosted students through the Scientific Mobility Program and English professors from the Federal Institute System throughout Brazil. NOVA plans to host another group from CAPES again next September.

Stacey Bustillos, associate director of International Education, and Cyn Hatch, of NOVA’s American Culture and Language Institute (ACLI), presented the students with certificates and wished them well on their return journey home.

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