DNH Students Continue Making Impact Through MCCP Foundation

Through a collaborative partnership with the Medical Care for Children Partnership Foundation (MCCP), 34 second-year NOVA students in MEC’s Dental Hygiene program provided free dental screenings, teeth cleanings, and oral health instruction for under-served students in kindergarten through fifth grade from Annandale Terrace Elementary School.

Thirty-one children eagerly learned how to properly care for their teeth in a fun and engaging way from the dental hygiene students. Stuffed animals and educational toys were a big hit as each child comfortably sat in an examination chair, ready to receive free dental services from a friendly MEC student.

The MCCP Foundation raises funds to provide medical and dental care for children enrolled in the program in Fairfax County. Their mission is to ensure that all eligible children have access to medical and dental care, which is made possible through the support of corporations, foundations, individuals and healthcare providers. MCCP leverages public-private partnerships with the Fairfax County Department of Family Services, independent medical and dental practices and private healthcare providers; including Kaiser Permanente and CareFirst. MCCP Foundation views NOVA’s Medical Education Campus as a contributory resource to the medical community.

If you are interested in volunteering opportunities for students or would like additional information, contact MCCP Executive Director Marcia Twomey at mtwomey@mccpfoundation.org or 703.286.0881.

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