Chef Del DiPietro Presents to the Culinary I Class

Chef Del DiPietro of Cuisine Solutions and E-commerce Specialist Colby Casolaro presented a lecture and demonstration about the sous vide cooking process to NOVA’s Culinary I students. Sous vide—French for “under-vacuum”—is an innovative cooking technique in which food is vacuum sealed and slow-cooked in water at constant low temperatures until it’s perfectly cooked. Chief Scientist, Dr. Bruno Goussault, pioneered the science of sous vide, one of the most important innovations in modern cuisine. Cuisine Solutions supplies sous vide cuisine to fine restaurants, premier hotels, first-class airlines, and cruise lines, the military, and home chefs.

Chef Del brought in a variety of equipment, including a commercial vacuum sealer, water temperature controls and circulators, and water tanks for holding the sous vide products. He used a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate how the sous vide process works, the various equipment needed, the difference between home and commercial sous vide preparation, and the advantages of sous vide cooking. He also showed a short video which featured Dr. Goussault, and how he developed and applied scientific principles to culinary solutions.

Chef DiPietro, Casolaro, the students and instructors then went into the kitchen where Chef Del showed how the vacuum sealer operated to seal, draw out the air, and compress watermelon. He seared some prepared sous vide 72 – Hour Seared Beef Short Ribs, accompanied by Creamy Polenta and Bordelaise Sauce. Judging by the positive feedback, the students enjoyed this treat and the excellent presentation.

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