State Delegation Members Visit Manassas Campus

On July 23 and 24, NOVA’s Manassas Campus hosted visits by Delegate Danica Roem (D-13th) and Delegate Lee Carter (D-50th).  The delegates represent districts that include Manassas, Manassas Park and adjoining parts of Prince William County. Many NOVA students call this portion of our service area home. In fact, NOVA captures 32% (on average) of each year’s high school graduating class from greater Prince William as new students every fall.

Provost Molly Lynch launched both meetings with a brief overview of the Manassas Campus and its ties to area public school systems and universities. The meetings covered details on current programs and an overview of the opportunities planned for the Campus’ Battleview Building. Dr. Ralls joined Dr. Lynch in showcasing the ADVANCE partnership with George Mason University and the College’s growing emphasis on workforce development programs. Dr. Ralls also reviewed various opportunities NOVA is considering to meet evolving community needs and shared how NOVA cooperates with the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) on legislative initiatives.

Delegate Roem expressed particular interest in programs that may better serve/direct resources toward residents of the economically challenged parts of her district; especially those in Manassas and Manassas Park. Dr. Lynch addressed current programs and ongoing work with area high school principals to meet growing needs and increase dual enrolment opportunities. The delegate was invited by faculty and briefly engaged with students — including students currently enrolled in the popular Biotechnology Program and those taking foundation classes for future degree completion at the Medical Education Campus.

Delegate Carter, who was accompanied by his Legislative Aide Thomas McIntire, repeatedly expressed his interest in efforts to limit student indebtedness. Again, Dr. Ralls pointed to the ADVANCE initiative and a growing list of transfer agreements being signed to facilitate the transfer of classes between NOVA and area universities without unnecessary credit. Participating students are able to save upwards of $15,000 in tuition expenses under the ADVANCE program.

Dr. Ralls and Dr. Lynch were also pleasantly surprised to learn that Delegate Carter is currently a NOVA Cybersecurity student and that his aid is a NOVA graduate. Both men are technically-skilled in the field of electronics and represent well the “new color” career opportunities NOVA is working hard to make available and expand. Before focusing on his classes at NOVA, Delegate Carter was employed in the repair of major pieces of medical equipment at area hospitals. His aide also once trained on the equipment that the Manassas Campus will soon be installed at the Battleview Building.

These visits are part of an ongoing outreach to recently elected members of the Virginia General Assembly. The objective is to literally and symbolically open the doors of NOVA to these men and women and to stress upon them the strategic importance of NOVA to both area residents and employers. Previously, Dr. Hill welcomed officials to the NOVA Woodbridge Campus and next month, other delegates with be visiting the Annandale and Loudoun Campuses.

State Delegation Members Visit Manassas Campus
Delegate Carter (left) with Dr. Ralls and Dr. Lynch (right)

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