One Woman’s Quest to Pursue Her Passion

One woman asked herself, “why did I decide to go back to school at this age and this chapter in my life?” Her dream is photography and NOVA is helping her get there. As a mother of two small children switching career paths from translator to photographer seems difficult. But she is very determined, and it’s that attitude that made Adriana Pac one of three recipients of the Chadab Foundation Scholarship for the Visual and Performing Arts.

The scholarship is designed for aspiring artists pursuing a career in any of the artistic disciplines offered at NOVA. Recipients must have a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA and must present their work at the Schlesinger Center for the Arts of the Alexandria Campus. One of the last requirements is to write a short essay about plans in relation to their field of study. Whether in practice or education, the scholarship desires that the students will keep with the arts even after their graduation from NOVA.

Adriana Pac definitely has plans of a future in her art discipline: photography. She plans to transfer to George Mason for her bachelor’s degree in art and visual technology. The final career move? Working in an advertising agency or retailer as a commercial photographer. But for the time being she’s happy at NOVA, especially with the professors as they are “very informative and give great feedback.” Diversity is factor too, she enjoys connecting with students her age as well as the fresh energy of the younger students. Adriana is from Poland and having fellow students that come from different countries that understand the change makes her comfortable. Though she likes NOVA, she’d like to graduate faster to add income to the household. The Chadab Foundation scholarship allows her to take more classes than she normally could.

Started in 2012, the Foundation serves as a memorial for Ata and Margarete Chadab who had a strong appreciation for the arts. The Chadab Foundation’s core belief is that art is the universal language of humankind. The scholarship is very important to them as most of their volunteers are from the Northern Virginia Community College’s Art department. Because of their generosity, students like Adriana can “do what [she] loves to do, photography.”

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