Emergency Grant Thank You Brunch

On June 6, the NOVA Foundation hosted a Thank You Brunch for emergency aid donors on the Loudoun Campus. The newer board members had a chance to get more acquainted with the older members. Dr. Ralls introduced John Renner, who welcomed everyone with a short speech. Slides of information about the grant played in the background. As members were finishing, John Renner rose again to introduce Jack Zeeger, the NOVA-Loudoun Financial Aid Manager.

Jack told the group stories of students who the grant had helped — a woman and her mother who were about to move into a shelter and a man who had lost many people close to him in a matter of weeks. He explained the importance of these emergency funds, and how they are needed more than people assume. Elizabeth Weatherly, vice president of institutional advancement, thanked the donors and asked them to share why they give.

Among the donors asked to say a few words was Alex Shade, the executive director for North West Federal Credit Union. The NWFCU Foundation has given a generous amount specifically towards the Loudoun Lifeline. She talked about the points of success and how dedicated the company is to help kids “on the precipice.” Also asked to speak were Gil and Liz Blankespoor, a couple who work through the Reston Scholarship Fund to provide students in extreme circumstances with financial support in addition to the Pell Grant. They spoke fondly of a student they had watched grow and why that is the reason they give.

Before leaving, everyone was handed a small gift and were given a Save-the-Date for the upcoming Annual Dinner to be held on September 12. We look forward to the event and hope that you do also!


Two men and one female standing and talking in front of a window
Dr. Ralls (right) talks with Gil and Liz Blankespoor (left) of the Reston Scholarship Club, and introduced them to the Emergency Aid program at NOVA.
Two seated men, two seated women, and one standing woman, around a round table talking before brunch
L to R: Dr. Julie Leidig (back to camera) Dr. Molly Lynch, Vice President of Advancement Elizabeth Weatherly, newly elected Foundation Board of Director Mordecai Scott and Foundation Board Member Dr. Stewart Robeson.

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  • August 13, 2018 at 11:07 am

    Office of Military and Veterans Services, would like to thank the NOVA foundation for providing emergency support grants to some of our veterans students.


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