Nighthawks Succeed in the Classroom

Over 50 NOVA student-athletes earned a grade point average of 3.0 or better during the 2017-18 academic year and were named to the Athletic Director Honor Roll.

The Nighthawks soccer and volleyball teams had 10 student-athletes, who earned a 3.0 or better in either semester, which led the Nighthawk NJCAA teams. Former NOVA soccer student-athlete Gabriel Rickmann finished his spring semester with a perfect 4.0 GPA and was a Presidential Scholar.

Rickmann was one of 10 NOVA student-athletes who finished with a perfect GPA in the semester or year. Rheana Gray of the softball team had the only cumulative 4.0 GPA during the school year. Four members of the NOVA cross country team also had a 4.0 GPA in the spring, which was the most of any team.

“I am proud of each student-athlete for their hard work in the classroom,” said Director of Athletics Steve Mrowka. “I also love seeing over 20 student-athletes names on the Dean’s List or as a President Scholar.”

To be a part of the Dean’s List students must earn a grade point average of 3.50 or higher and have completed at least six semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C. Presidential Scholar students must have a 3.75 or better GPA and complete nine credit hours in the semester and earn 20 credits at NOVA.

Cross Country
Kmaljeet Athwal (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List, Presidential Scholar)
Berith Austin (Honor Roll, Presidential Scholar)
Abigail Collins (AD Honor Roll, Presidential Scholar)
Emily Compton (AD Honor Roll)
Sarah Dierlam (AD Honor Roll)
Margaret Vera (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List)
Meili Wood (AD Honor Roll, Presidential Scholar, Dean’s List)

Sarah Abisourour (AD Honor Roll)
Stephanie Burns (AD Honor Roll)
Sylvia Cedeno (AD Honor Roll)
Sophia Duff (AD Honor Roll, Presidential Scholar)
Katy Garrity (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List)
Sarah Halverson (AD Honor Roll)
Jessica Harris (AD Honor Roll)
Lauren Havill (AD Honor Roll)
Symone Jenkins (AD Honor Roll)
Nikola Knapova (AD Honor Roll)

Andrew Awumah (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List)
Andrew Bailey (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List, Presidential Scholar)
Arnol Cossio (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List)
Scott Fisher (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List)
Joshua Fleming (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List)
Cristian Fuentes (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List)
Oscar Mbome (AD Honor Roll))
Gabriel Rickmann (AD Honor Roll, Presidential Scholar)
Enrique Salazar (AD Honor Roll)
Lebo Sango (AD Honor Roll, Presidential Scholar)

Andrew Alldaffer (AD Honor Roll)
Jason Blier (AD Honor Roll)
Colin Cunningham (AD Honor Roll)
Alex DeYoung (AD Fall)
Jacob Foster (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List)
Brett Gauthier (AD Honor Roll, Presidential Scholar)
Peter Haislmaeir (AD Honor Roll)
Matthew Poulton (AD Honor Roll
Calvin Shade (AD Honor Roll, Presidential Scholar)
Spencer Wech (AD Honor Roll)
Manbir Nahal (AD Honor Roll)

Women’s Basketball
Dima Kassem (AD Honor Roll)
Jalita Montgomery (AD Honor Roll)
Lana Zjajo (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List, Presidential Scholar)

Men’s Basketball
Muhammed Saadeldeen (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List)

Logan Alyssa (AD Honor Roll)
Rheana Gray (AD Honor Roll, Presidential Scholar)
Jewelea Shubert (AD Honor Roll)

Hunar Berzangi (AD Honor Roll)
Noe Cuadra (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List, Presidential Scholar)
Chaz Donovan (AD Honor Roll, Dean’s List, Presidential Scholar)
Zach Silva (AD Honor Roll)
Joe Spinelli (AD Honor Roll)

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