2018 NOVA Student Film Festival

The 5th annual NOVA Student Film Festival was held on Thursday, April 26 in the newly built Fine Arts Building on the Alexandria Campus. The festival had another standing room only year with an audience of 250 people. The event kicked off with a reception on the patio with students, employees, community members and international visitors. Cinema professor, Lucy Gebre-Egziabher, known to her students as Prof. Lucy, founded the NOVA Student Film Festival with a vision to provide a platform for students to exhibit their talent and showcase their works in film.

Student Film Festival

The screening opened with a lineup of NOVA students’ films followed by a “making of” film on the process of making of the experimental film on climate change. Professor Gebre-Egziabher’s Film Collaborative International (FCI) students made the experimental film based on a script written by screenwriting students inspired by a concept that won the story idea competition this year.

Two FCI partner schools submitted films on the overarching theme of climate change — China’s Xing Tai Polytechnic and Mexico’s 100Volando Escuaela de Cine. This partnership is part of Professor Lucy Gebre-Egziabher’s “Films Without Walls” initiative which brings together student filmmakers from all over the world to learn from one another and to share meaningful stories.

Delegates from China’s Xing Tai Polytechnic College were on hand to introduce their students’ film, “Snow,” and to enjoy other international contributions from Belarus, Congo, Germany, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and the US.

Xing Tai Vice President, Liu Weihong, director of arts and media, Yang Zhihong, and vice director of the international office, Wei endured a long flight and jet lag to attend the event. Their students made them proud, and they expressed sheer delight with the entire event and its participants.

The audience was impressed by the creativity and talent displayed in the variety of genres, including animation, narrative fiction, documentary, experimental and promotional videos. NOVA alumni had a significant presence in the festival lineup. The screening closed with a film entitled, “Nature” by director Hadi Mustafa from Iran, a story woven in fine art with a message on our precarious humanity. The festival ended with a Q&A allowing the audience to interact with the student directors and others who participated in the filmmaking process.

Student Film Festival

Amidst the celebration of global camaraderie and scholarship, Professor Lucy Gebre Egziabher officially announced the creation of NOVA’s new Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) Degree in Cinema. This program represents the hard work and dedication of numerous NOVA faculty and staff, prominent among them, Lucy. NOVA students will now have more opportunities than ever to build successful careers in film, and community members will have more chances to see outstanding student films.

Visit our Picture Gallery. to view images from the 2018 NOVA Student Film Festival.

We look forward to the 2019 NOVA Film Festival! Please check submission details for the 2019 NOVA Student Film Festival here.

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