Student Voices Conference at Alexandria Campus

The annual Dr. Joseph Windham Student Voices Conference, a daylong event that highlights Alexandria Campus students’ academic achievements took place on April 5. Approximately 20 students representing various courses and disciplines presented their academic work. Students were nominated and supported by their instructors. The audience consisted of members of the NOVA community and friends and family of participants.

Dr. Jimmie McClellan, Dean of Liberal Arts, opened the event and welcomed the family of a memorable history faculty member in which the conference is named after. Recipients of the Dr. Joseph Windham scholarship were announced. In two sessions, students displayed their strong public speaking skills while presenting their research assignments, art projects, and campus activities. The students received a small gift and a certificate for their participation. Closing remarks were made by Professor Araceli Bachner, the conference coordinator.

The Dr. Joseph Windham Student Voices Conference highlights the academic success of Alexandria Campus students. For more information about the event or how to coordinate one on your campus, contact Araceli Bachner.

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