Comfort Cases Packing Party a Success

On April 6, Alexandria Campus Achieving the Dream (AtD) members Ruth Takushi and Sue Jean Cho led a Comfort Cases packing party to benefit foster children in the local Virginia area. The team worked together since December to organize this important event for the community. They gathered new comfort items and used monetary donations to purchase items in coordination with the Comfort Cases representative.

Volunteer faculty, staff, and students from the Alexandria Campus arrived early for the event. Upon entering the room, they could see organized and labeled table stations, including colorful backpacks, pajamas, blankets, toiletries, dental kits, books, and other comfort items such as stuffed animals. Volunteers worked tying pajamas in ribbons and get them ready for packing. Next, they packed bags for children ages 2-10 and 10+. Each volunteer took a bag and a checklist with items to add to the backpack. As volunteers went around the room from one station to the next, they added matching pajamas, blankets, and other items, checking them off the list. It was not long before they reach the goal of packing 75 backpacks for foster children in Virginia. The extra items were also donated to Comfort Cases so that they could use them in future packing parties.

Comfort Cases is an organization whose mission is to bring dignity to foster children by providing them with a bag full of comfort items that they can call their own as they move from home to home. For more information about the organization, visit

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