RiVidium Inc. Biotechnology Scholarship Awarded

Manny Rivera is the founder and owner of RiVidium Inc., an Information Technology Business located in Manassas, Va. When Manny was serving in the Army he realized the importance of getting an education. He attended community college and then went on to pursue a four-year degree from Virginia State University. He earned a MS in Computer Science and a MS in Security Information Assurance.

In 2008, Manny founded RiVidium. The company’s vision is “The Missing Element in Technology”. Six years ago, he started the RiVidium Inc. Biotechnology Scholarship. Manny ensures that his company sets aside funds to be able to support high achieving students from diverse backgrounds. The RiVidium Inc. Biotechnology Scholarship is awarded to a student who participates in community engagement activities, has leadership experience, and a minimum 3.0 GPA. The scholarship funds are awarded the last two semesters of the student’s program.

On February 14, 2018, the $2,500 scholarship was awarded at the NOVA Foundation Board Meeting to Ana Morales. Ana will be able to use her scholarship for the Spring 2018 semester and to fund an internship in Summer 2018.

NOVA is proud to partner with RiVidium Inc. to support the many great students that are a part of the Biotechnology program. This is the second year the NOVA Foundation has been able to award the RiVidium Inc. Biotechnology Scholarship. In 2017, the scholarship was awarded to Tralena Curan.

The NOVA Foundation awards over $600,000 in scholarship and grants every year to NOVA students based on merit, need or academic program. If you are interested in starting a scholarship at NOVA, contact Mary Bramley at mbramley@nvcc.edu, or 703-323-3023.

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