NOVA Loudoun Business Club Sees Positive ROI

In business, ROI stands for return on investment. One of Loudoun Business Club’s ROI concept events, Resume Speed Dating, was the order of business for ambitious NOVA students. The club organized and produced this novel event held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the campus’ Higher Education Center.


Club President Jude Njoku and Vice President Mike McKew developed the concept, collaborating with Loudoun Student Life Coordinator Mike McMillon to secure the venue and the pizza (aka “working capital”).


The Club identified expert resources — NOVA Loudoun faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and community members — with the goal of providing nearly instantaneous resume feedback for students.


Experts included Loudoun business professors Myles Eldreth, Miguel Corrigan, James Nieves, and Deanna Podlenski (also a Loudoun Pathway to the Baccalaureate counselor). NOVA business student alumni Gus Gonzalez, Kevin Argueta and Alan Orth, currently working professionals, provided perspectives directly from their fields. NOVA Loudoun Provost Dr. Julie Leidig also got in on the action and enjoyed reviewing a handful of student resumes.


The “Speed Dating” event attracted several dozens of motivated, engaged students; eager and grateful for the opportunity. Miguel Corrigan, an advisor to the business club and current assistant dean for business at Loudoun Campus summed up the event, “It was great because it was casual and not formal or stuffy, which enabled free-flowing feedback. There was a good deal of informal networking and camaraderie.”


Sharing best practices, being open to constructive criticism, and learning how to connect quickly with other professionals are all part of the Business Club’s mission to provide Loudoun students valuable tools for them to achieve professional success after NOVA. The club will hold a follow-up event featuring techniques and tips for acing an interview at a future date.

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