In-Plant Awareness Month

February is In-Plant Awareness Month and across the country, in-plants, like NOVA Printing Services, are participating by doing more to increase awareness about the services they offer to their parent organizations. In-Plant Awareness Month is a campaign that was created by the In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association with the purpose of raising awareness for, and calling attention to, the contributions made by in-plant printing, mailings and distributions.

An in-plant is a full-service in-house reproduction/mailing department operated by an organization, government office or a university. In-plants provide bindery and prepress options in addition to duplication. An in-plant also employs a dedicated staff responsible for operating and maintaining the equipment.

During the month of February, NOVA Printing Services has been offering free shop tours, equipment demonstrations, and online tutorial sessions to NOVA faculty and staff. These efforts serve to give customers an in-depth look at how the printing and mailing processes work in order to deepen their understanding. At the same time, these small-group encounters allow the in-plant to highlight the benefits and value that in-plant printing can provide to all of NOVA’s faculty and staff.

For more information about In-Plant Awareness Month visit their website. For more information about NOVA’s Printing Services or to place an order visit their website.

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