NOVA Cinema Professor Delivers Master Class at Duke Ellington

On Monday, January 29Lucy Gebre-Egziabher, associate professor of Communication Students & Theater Department at NOVA’s Alexandria Campus provided a master class for the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Literary Media and Communications program. Founded in 1974, Duke Ellington is a select public high school in DC with an arts-intensive and college preparation focus. The Literary Media and Communications (LMC) program offers a curriculum to include a variety of creative forms such as fiction and non-fiction, essay, short story, print and web-based journalism, playwriting, screenwriting, performance, film theory, documentary filmmaking, social media, and web narrative. Professor Gebre-Eziabher provided the master class for students in grades 9-12 as they prepare for their upcoming trip to the opening of the Equal Justice Institute’s New Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama in April. The students will prepare a documentary film highlighting their visit.

During the master class, students learned the fundamental elements of documentary filmmaking from the early preparation phase through showcasing/marketing the final film (including all LMC Faculty). Professor Gebre-Ezgiabher discussed how skills including research, teamwork, organization and communication are essential, along with technical skills like filming, editing, sound, etc. The students had an opportunity to view the short film Final Exam, which was presented at a past NOVA Student Film Festival at the Alexandria Campus. The Duke Ellington students also viewed a short video explaining the filmmaking process that included a collaboration between students from NOVA and college students in Ethiopia.

Dr. Sherri Anna Brown, Associate Dean of Students (Alexandria), shared general information about NOVA and the opportunities to pursue dual enrollment and degrees/certificates. Students were also informed about the fine arts academic programs at NOVA, the new Fine Arts Building on campus and transfer to universities. In addition, the students were given information on tuition costs and current opportunities with the DC Tuition Assistance grant (DC TAG) available for DC residents.

Professor Lucy Gebre-Eziabher
Professor Lucy Gebre-Eziabher

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